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How to Create a blog on a blogger account step by step full process

How to Create a blog on a blogger account step by step full process
How to Create a blog on a blogger account step by step full process

How to Create a blog on a blogger account

This article includes a step-by-step tutorial for opening up a free blog on the Blogger platform. Blogger, formerly known as BlogSpot, allows us to create free blogs with subdomain. You can also connect your Blogger blog to your own top-level domain name for free. It’s just that the TLD Domain must be purchased separately. It is also one of the most established blogging platforms, and because it is provided by Google, we can proceed without hesitation.

Steps to Create a Blog on Blogger

Blogger makes it very easy to start a blog. In the most recent edition, it has been simplified to the greatest extent possible. To rapidly start a free blog with Blogger, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Open a blogger account just click here

Step 1

You’ll be taken to the Sign-in page for Google Accounts. Simply log in using your Google Account, and if you don’t have one, you can quickly create one by clicking the Create Account link in the bottom left of the Sign-in window, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2

Step 2: Set Your Blogger Display Name & Confirm Your Blogger Profile
You must validate your Blogger profile with Display Name after successfully logging in with your Google Account. Every Blogger account has a Blogger Profile, and the name you enter here will be displayed in your Blogger Profile.

Step 3:

Create a New Blog – Select a Name, URL, and Theme
You’ll be led to the Blogger Dashboard after successfully creating your Blogger profile, but your Dashboard will be empty at this time because no blogs have been established.

Step 3

Simply click the Create New Blog button in the center of the dashboard, or the New Blog link on the left pane of the dashboard, immediately below the Blogger Logo, to start a new blog.

A new box will display on the screen. Here’s where you’ll give your new blog a name and a subdomain-based URL. Because I’m just starting out with this blog,

Since Blogger is an ancient service, millions of people have used it to construct subdomain-based blogs. As a result, the chances of you getting your selected name are slim to none. It was not available even when I entered, despite the fact that it is pretty unusual. As a result, you’ll frequently need to use your imagination or add some unusual characters to ensure that your blogger address is viewable.

Simply select one of the pre-installed themes and click the Create blog! button. Because Google offers top-level domains through a service called Google Domains, they are trying to advertise it on Blogger.

As I indicated before in this article, you can link a top-level domain such to your blogger blog. They’ll provide you a box to search for a domain on Google Domains, and if you choose, you can connect it to your blogger blog and access it via the new top-level domain.

In addition, connecting a Blogger blog with a Google Domains domain name will be far easier than integrating a domain name with any other Domain Name Registrar.

Anyway, because the majority of Blogger users only wanted to create a free blog, I’ll just hit the No Thanks button.

The blog has been successfully created, and you can see the new blog’s dashboard settings. Also, take a peek at the blog to see how it looks at first.

How to Create a blog on a blogger account step by step full process

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